De komende 3 weken kun je lezen over de ervaringen van deelnemers met de coaching met paarden van PaardenInzicht. Deze deelnemers gaven antwoord op de vragen die ik ontving van een student. Deze student heeft, in het kader van een persoonlijk project voor school, zich verdiept in het werk van PaardenInzicht. Ik gebruik deze vragen vaker, omdat de antwoorden erop een goede indruk geven van het effect van de coaching met paarden, zelfs als het al een behoorlijke tijd geleden is dat de coaching plaats vond. In verband met de privacy komen de deelnemers anoniem aan het woord. In deze eerste aflevering zijn de vragen in het Engels beantwoord, de volgende afleveringen zijn in de Nederlandse taal.
English: the next 3 weeks you can read the answers participants gave, on a survey about their experience with the coaching with horses of PaardenInzicht. The used questions came from a student who, for a personal project for school, studied the work of PaardenInzicht. I still use these questions as they are to the point and give a good impression of the impact of the coaching with horses; also quite a lot of time has passed since the actual coaching. Due to privacy reasons the blogs are kept anonymously. In this first edition the questions are answered in English, the next two editions will be in the Dutch language.
  1. What was the reason that you came to horses for coaching? I had met Margreet Noordanus in my business network and became interested in her work.
  2. What did the experience teach you? It was an effective learning experience, which taught me that the horse acted and reacted intuitively to my attitude and my personal insecurities.
  1. How did the horse that coached/trained you change your life? I questioned my leadership skills and the horse showed me that there was nothing wrong with them; I just had to change my way of communication to my team.
  1. Why did you decide that horse coaching was the right thing to do instead of going to a coach? I easily see through human coaches  and mirror my replies to what they want to hear. I am therefore very difficult to coach.
  1. What would have happened to you if you did not get the horse whispering treatment? I would have continued to make the same communication mistakes that I made before.
  1. Did you experience immediate change or did it take a long time until something changed? I experienced immediate and, looking back, lasting change. 
    Note by Margreet: this participant came for business coaching in 2014, this feedback was given on 24th of October 2017!
  1. What skills did you gain from the exercises taught and how do you use them in everyday life? I improved my leadership skills. I use these on a daily basis.
  1. What would you like to say to someone who is doubting if a horse could help him or her? It is hard to judge this if you only know coaching by way of horses in theory, and have not experienced this in practice. Try it, keep an open mind, and I am convinced that your doubts will disappear.

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